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The company EQUIBOTTE® is born from the passion and creativity of its founder, its ideal, its style and all the originality of its unique boots.

GIACOMO GIANGRASSO has two great passions:

  • His job as Master Bottier he has been practicing for 4 decades after a long apprenticeship with his father. He worked for many years in Paris at the head of several renowned establishments, creating tailor-made shoes and boots thanks to his technical and visionary qualities. But also by giving life to models breathless. For several years, weary of Parisian life and aspiring to more tranquility, he decided to go to the Pyrenees and installs his workshop. 


  • The horse across the equine world and the racing world. The combination of his craftsmanship and the expectations of jockeys and riders will give birth to the company EQUIBOTTE FRANCE. The eternal connected research linked to the thoughtful experiment allowed GIACOMO GIANGRASSO to innovate and create boots of high technical value receiving the approval of the followers of the equestrian environment. These boots are beautiful, elegant, practical and perfect in details and in lines. These boots are beautiful, elegant, practical and perfect in details and in lines. The leathers used are exclusively high quality natural leathers (full grain calfskin). The boots are perfectly adapted to the practiced equestrian discipline which is characterized by precise and well-defined styles.



Ideas, innovations, projects.
EQUIBOTTE FRANCE is looking to the future, with its slogan: